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There’s something I can guarantee that we have in common: we’ve all made some pretty dumb decisions. Hopefully we’ve learned from those mistakes, but If we’re honest, we often did know better, but we thought we could avoid the consequences…that we would be the exception to the rule we were bending.

Some of our bad decisions embarrass us, some of them scar us, and all of them have us wishing we could take a mulligan. But there is hope found in two words: The first is forgiveness, which can cleanse us and free us from the guilt of our past mistakes.

But there’s more life ahead. There are more decisions to make. How can we avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, as we set our focus on today and the days to come? That’s where the other word comes into play.

This word describes one of the most important, useful, and relevant principles you can ever apply to your life. This word can be applied to every decision you will ever make. When you apply this word to the decisions in your life, you will usually have a clear answer in almost no time. This word has a way of piercing through the fog of uncertainty, allowing you to face the present and future with confidence. This word holds the key to living a life pleasing to God.

The word is: Wisdom

Beginning August 20 the book of Proverbs will be our guide as we walk the way of wisdom.

Join us on Wednesday nights at 5:15 for dinner, then at 6:00 for a rich time of conversation and discovery in the book of Proverbs.